Greg Natale Design Office

Greg Natale Design Office

Greg Natale Design Office


Whether you have a long narrow walkway or a vast open auditorium, the Vogl range will give you the perfect acoustics for your area, and create a unique aesthetic that is new, bold and innovative, with the best of European technology ingrained in its DNA.

The design of this product allows for circular, square and slotted perforations to be used in a continuous pattern to achieve a seamless look right across your ceiling.

Vogl recently was chosen by Greg Natale Design to use as ceiling materials in their new modern Headquarter in Surry Hills, NSW.

It always makes us proud when our products are specified, but we consider it an honour when the designers use our products for themselves in their own space.

Bringing together the best of German engineering and precision, Vogl Perforated Plasterboard offers a revolutionary system of perforated seamless ceiling linings that provides a foundation of elegance for your design, a leaping point for ideas and the right acoustic solutions.