Fitzpatrick + Partners

Fitzpatrick + Partners

Fitzpatrick + Partners


Leading Architecture firm Fitzpatrick + Partners have used DecorLux Max in their sleek studio renovation in Castlereagh Street in Sydney's CBD.

The new space offers a textural palette of raw materials and extensive open spaces. Conference rooms encased by glass walls allow for privacy when it comes to meetings whilst maintaining a sense of openness that is conducive to a collaborative working environment.

F+P were already familiar with the Decor Systems range of acoustic panelling and thus confident that their selection would not only marry in with the broader material palette but perform from an acoustical point of view.

Upon completion, the Decor team visited the studio and confirmed that the acoustical performance of the DecorLux in the meeting room was of an excellent standard.

A quick turnaround time on the job meant that Decor Systems had to work to shave a few weeks off the lead time. This ensured that the team were in the office as soon as possible.

The Decor team admire the work of Fitzpatrick + Partners and were thrilled to have been able to collaborate with them to achieve such an excellent result in a space they will use every day.