Excelsior House – Perth College

Excelsior House – Perth College

Excelsior House – Perth College

DecorTile, DecorZen

The new Senior Learning and Leadership Centre for Perth College in Mount Lawley, Western Australia, serves as a flexible multi-purpose learning centre.

The use of American Oak is consistent throughout the building’s internal fit-out; being used as window panels, flooring and acoustic panels.

Nestled among the century-old architecture of Perth College, Excelsior House sits in stark contrast to the traditional, towering red brick that dominates the campus. In fact, the recently unveiled building — replete with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, open lecture theatre and a dozen reconfigurable classrooms — could easily be transplanted from a Silicon Valley tech giant.

That was the goal according to Perth College principal Jenny Ethell, who explained the building was designed to help smooth the transition from school to university and the workplaces of the future.

"We wanted to create spaces that were flexible, open and collaborative to give the girls an opportunity to start developing the independence and self-regulation that is so important at university and beyond. We looked at research that found the sudden transition from a very controlled environment to a very free environment contributes to young people dropping. They weren’t well prepared for the autonomy and self-responsibility that is required when no one is checking up on you constantly." Jenny Ethell

DecorZen and DecorTile were used throughout the project and combined, bring a modern look and feel to the project whilst providing highly necessary sound management in this heavily used space.