DB Interiors Studio, Auckland

DB Interiors Studio, Auckland

DB Interiors Studio, Auckland


This dynamic design studio allows teams to choose how and where they work through a diverse range of workspace modules in this cutting-edge fitout.

Based on Activity Based Working (ABW) principles, this agile workplace exemplifies the advantages of team members being able to choose from diverse modules designed for formal meetings, networking, individual work or to relax.

In the ‘Quiet Zones’, acoustic control was a paramount consideration. VoglFuge was the perfect answer to absorb the hustle and bustle in key staff areas to obtain the clarity and balance required. The Vogl Seamless Perforated acoustic ceiling flows seamlessly throughout the large open studio interior.

The continuous perforation VoglFuge pattern extols the architects design aesthetic, facilitating the strategic use of custom lighting and services.

The end result is a bold, energetic space that delivers a stimulating yet serene ambience, with a stunning continuous finish and brilliant acoustics.