Dalwallinu Recreation Centre

Dalwallinu Recreation Centre

Dalwallinu Recreation Centre

DecorStyle, DecorTrend

Dalwallinu Recreation Centre Redevelopment is an extension and renovation of the existing centre. Dalwallinu is located within the outback of regional Western Australia, hence special consideration had to be provided for considering the geographical isolation of the site.

The project includes:

  • New Entrance
  • Foyer/breakout space
  • Lesser Hall (new extension)
  • Bar (new extension)
  • Kitchen (new extension)
  • Meeting Room (new extension)
  • Leasable space
  • Additional amenities and change rooms
  • Umpire’s match room
  • Refurbishment works for the existing centre facilities

Designed by Site Architecture and built by Devlyn Constructions, the foyer to this community project features DecorTrend timber acoustic ceiling panels.

All panels were supplied pre-finished with DecorThane factory applied clear satin finish with DecorSorb Acoustic Textile bonded to the rear of the panel to increase the acoustic performance. Light and service penetrations were also factory cut by Decor Systems to allow for easier installation and finished panels were delivered to site.  The perforations were omitted on the panels that required lights and service cut outs leaving a clean consistent look for them.

Decor Systems worked closely with the Site Architecture and Devlyn Constructions to produce shop drawings and assembly drawings for all panels prior to manufacture, making installation fast and easy on site.