Corruption and Crime Commission

Corruption and Crime Commission

Corruption and Crime Commission

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The new Corruption & Crime fit-out, designed by SPH architecture + interiors and built by Shape Group was officially opened by Attorney General – Hon John Quigley MLA LLB, JP, and Corruption and Crime Commissioner – John Roderick McKechnie, QC on Wed 14th March 2018. SPH architecture + interiors pushed the boundaries and capabilities of DecorSlatMax to create the unique showpiece of angled slatted beams throughout the space.

Concept: A sculpted interior terrain with manifestations of geometric contouring that wrap, envelope, direct and lead. Intuitive wayfinding is further explored through visual prompts that draw focus towards significant points of distinction.

Client brief and cultural aspirations: The CCC’s main objective for their relocation to a single 3500sqm floorplate at William Square was to break down the silos that had developed between their directorates resulting from years of separation across 6 cellular floors. The organisation identified collaboration, transparency, flexibility, light and contemporary as the key values they wanted to bring to the new fitout. The relocation also provided an opportunity to rebrand and readdress the public’s perception of the organisation. The aim was to present a transparent, open and welcoming public entry with a classic, modern aesthetic that extends and develops into the Public Examination Rooms with increasing levels of gravitas.

Design Methodology: Graduated modification of standard repetitive profiles, in both the horizontal and vertical planes, create a sense of spatial sculpting which features throughout the design to demarcate zones and direct traffic towards other places of prominence, such as the Executive Boardroom. Other passive wayfinding tools utilised include framing of significant thresholds, colour blocking, directional floor patterns, and the integration of directional motifs.

A warm, neutral palette of blonde timber features, natural textures and pops of tertiary colour, compliment the three-dimensional forms, objects and surfaces. Rich contrasts to create visual drama accentuate intended points of significance. Ebb & flow of overlapping carpet finishes and volumes, create disruption to visually break up the monotony of the 80m length of primary street.

Public Entry – Directional orientation of feature timber ceiling battens and carpet design draw the eye directly towards the Reception counter. A sculpted circular rebate in the ceiling battens demarcate the soft furnishings zone. Extruded framing of significant thresholds form part of the subtle wayfinding methodology that accentuates a hierarchy of destinations and points of interaction within the space.

Public Thoroughfare – Portals of distinction are accentuated through materiality and contrasting colour. Once through the secure scanning checkpoint, pulsating, sculptural timber wall elements inspired by polygraphs, expand and contract, drawing occupants through the space, leading towards a subsequent accentuated portal frame to the small and large Examination Rooms.
Public Examination Rooms – Planned symmetrically on a central axis, the entire room’s focus is drawn towards the esteemed position of the Commissioner’s bench. The carpet design, and floating timber ceiling features with a rebated arrowhead, effectively point towards it. A darkly contrasting backdrop layered behind a 3D timber signage panel, adds visual drama, depth and further prominence and gravitas.
Detailing of the custom cabinetwork pays homage to traditional associations of timber panelling and mouldings with a more simplified approach to modern detailing. Rather than overpower, the blonde American oak timber is used as an accent feature. In conjunction with routed solid colour MDF panels, timber framed desking with shadow line junctions and linoleum desktop inlays, the space in its entirety is a modern adaptation of traditional aesthetic values associated with Justice Institutions.

Congratulations to SPH architecture + interiors for their creation and making WOW!