Corpus Christi College Theatre

Corpus Christi College Theatre

Corpus Christi College Theatre

DecorMilano, DecorStyle, DecorZen

This project is not only a showcase of Decor Systems extensive range of products, but also demonstrates why we are the thought leaders and systems developers in the industry we have dominated for nearly 50 years.


At the early stages of this project, we were nominated by EIW Architects to supply a range of DecorZen, DecorStyle and DecorMilano solid, perforated and lineal grooved acoustic panels, all requiring different sizing and installation methods.


Our ground-breaking design approach utilised our state-of-the-art design software to design and develop the sub-framing components to form the shape of the ‘pyramid’ panels. During the design, we were able to see where panels may clash or misalign, then tweak the components to suit, all of which contributed to a hassle-free installation process.


Like most complex designs, a lot of thought needed to be put into the approach. For us, we needed to work out a method of machining all of the sub framing to suit our capabilities in house, while making the product as simple as possible for the installers on site. In order to do this, we manufactured partial sections of the feature panels, mimicking the installation process as best we could.


Transport of the product needed to be factored in; we decided to create the panels as a ‘flat pack’, providing all framing members as loose items, numbered along with instructional documents for the install. This saved costs on transport as well as the general manufacturing costs, leading to significant savings on the delivered products.


The outcome is stunning! Acoustically and visually, this project is a potential award-winner. This truly is a project where the pictures tell a thousand words!


Full credit to EIW Architects for their innovative approach. It was great to work with their team and work collaboratively to develop their creativity and passion into a living and vibrant space. Together, we made WOW!

Photos by Silvertone Photography


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