Clancy Catholic College

Clancy Catholic College

Clancy Catholic College

DecorArti, DecorEagle, DecorSlat, DecorZen, SmartLook, Vogl

Decor Systems are thrilled to be able to showcase this project completed by Lloyd Group builders and designed by Fulton Trotter Architects.

4 of our products were used in this stage of the project for various reasons.

DecorSlat slatted timber panels with SmartLook  laminate finish was used in the main assembly hall ceiling for acoustic treatment essential in such spaces. The Smartlook finish was selected to blend in with the colour scheme as well as to keep the costs down. On the walls DecorEagle grooved acoustic panels were used with a high pressure laminate. Being subject to the everyday knocks of the rough and tumble of a high school a hard wearing and durable finish was required.

Outside in the main corridor our seamless acoustic plasterboard Vogl panels were selected for their high acoustic properties to cope with the elevated noise volume generated in such spaces while being able to blend in with the clean inviting welcoming design of the space. With the copious amounts of natural light in the space Vogl was the perfect fit.

In the lecture hall bespoke custom deigned panels were designed in conduction with the Decor Systems CAD team and the architect to create a truly unique feature acoustic panel. As with all lecture halls a blend of acoustic and solid panels are required to ensure the sound travels to the entire room without reverberation. Check out the photos to see the beautiful design created.

In the music rooms Custom bespoke acoustic DecorZen panels in a variety of colours have been installed to brighten up the space whilst contributing to the acoustic solution of the room. Again, designed in conjunction with the Decor Sysetms CAD team the bespoke colours match the overall decor of the room.

Decor Systems was involved early on with the project at the design stage with Fulton Trotter as well as on site with the Builder Lloyd Group during the construction phase. We are thankful to have been able to contribute to anther education project. Congratulations to all involved!