Cazaleys Restaurant

Cazaleys Restaurant


The Cazaleys Restaurant in Cairns QLD, has updated their dining hall to create a modern eatery, suitable for a post -game celebration or a pre-game energy boost. This now stylish area has a contemporary feel that incorporates a family atmosphere.

Designed by Suters PGD Architects, this area has used an amazing range of products to create a luxurious eatery.

Located inside a large sporting facility, Suters has used the dining area as a representation of the events that occur all year round. The use of deep sea blue provides a harmonious blend of colour and timber.

The DecorSlat ceiling as a feature not only provides as an acoustic function, but creates a striking visual focal point to a vibrant dining facility.

The design schematics demonstrate that it is the little details that combine to bring together a truly spectacular, yet functional, eating hub.

A huge kudos to Suters PGD Architects.