BBC Studios

BBC Studios


This project involved the co-location of two Sydney offices into one North Ryde property.

The design and fit out of this new head office identified key elements of the BBC Worldwide brands, and these were used to create a light hearted feel within the workspaces while still maintaining functionality.

The team at Decor Systems Australia worked with interior designers Thoughtspace interior to create a 2,000m² open plan office, interspersed with a number of working lounges and meetings rooms, each uniquely designed with their own BBC Worldwide theme.

For instance:
The Dr Who meeting room combines a distinctive aluminium ceiling with studded rubber flooring – a design that is reminiscent of the 1960s; and the urban feel of the UKTV informal meeting room is expressed by the studded booth seats and contemporary artwork. The feature ceiling was selected by Thoughtspace from the DecorMetl range – a truly funky ceiling for a very zany project!
Local artists were enlisted to create an indigenous motif in the reception area. By linking the global brands with this arresting design, it defines the office as the Australian branch for BBC Worldwide.

The fit out resulted in the office being highly recognized and acclaimed for its innovative style, and was shortlisted for the IDEA design award.