Bankstown Court House

Bankstown Court House


The new Bankstown Court house included DecorTrend Panels on the walls and ceiling. The light true timber veneer finish complements the cream colour decor and helped to create a calming, neutral courtroom environment.

The DecorTrend Panels installed on the walls, located on the sides and back of the court house, help to reduce the noise reverberation in a small area. This combats the noise produced by the 30 plus people who are expected to present themselves in the courtroom on a daily basis.

The DecorTrend Panels on the ceiling provide an aesthetic feature, complementing the walls in the same true timber veneer, and remaining a key part of the outstanding acoustics.

ADCO Constructions had this to say in regards to working with Decor Systems on this project:
“The product was of high quality and delivered within the period nominated. ADCO Constructions, The Department of Commerce and the Attorney General’s Department are very pleased with the finish of the court rooms.” - Project Manager