Artbank Fitout

Artbank Fitout

DecorZen, SmartLook

The Artbank initiative was established by the Australian government, and after 30 years in their Rosebery office they have recently moved to a stunningly redesigned warehouse in Waterloo. The team at Aileen Sage Architects used the existing warehouse and infused it with playfulness and connectivity, creating a collaborative office for the team at Artbank. This new office fitout blends art, work and office space to create a space that is easy to modify for gallery showcases and public events.

The use of the SmartLook Acoustic Panels in a blanket white in the office fitout provides an element of privacy in the open plan structure, with the use of various perforations to match the playfulness of the design. The continuous look of the panels in stunning along the walls and ceiling in the office section of the fitout.

The use of perforated panels without the Acoustic backing creates a unique room divider, as seen in the images taken by Tony Ferguson. The panels with acoustic backing are in several different perforations, with large holes in the walls, a small perforation on the ceiling and a wider spaced hole used in the desk cavities.

This project was completed by Affinity Construction Management to the highest standard, and the Decor Systems Panels were installed by West Sydney Ceilings. The DecorZen acoustic panels were manufactured in the Australian based production facility and were delivered on time in full.