Julian Treasure: The Four Leeches Webinar

Julian Treasure: The Four Leeches Webinar

Julian Treasure: The Four Leeches Webinar

August 15 2013

On Tuesday the 6th of August, Julian Treasure, Manager of the Sound Agency, provided a  few lucky listeners with a Webinar, talking about the four leeches in effective communication.

Below is an exert for the article:

“For those of you who don’t know me, I’ll just tell you in one minute about myself. I’ve been running a company called The Sound Agency for around ten years now. I’m a musician and my life before this was in marketing – decades in high level marketing running a magazine publishing company. Then I sold that company and I wanted to do something that brought the two halves of me together. People often ask, “How did you get started in this?” – well that’s how. I listen to the world, as musicians do. If you’re playing in a band you have to listen to four or five people playing at the same time. That’s quite a challenge and it requires a particularly acute kind of listening, which may be why scientists show that musicians have bigger brains than non-musicians! So I started The Sound Agency, and the proposition was that good sound is good business, which is fortunately true.

We ask the question “How does your brand sound?” and we work for some great brands all over the world. That’s been ten years of discovering how sound affects people in all sorts of practical situations, and through that time I’ve become more and more passionate about taking this work out of the corporate domain – where it’s proving very powerful – and into the personal lives of people. I’ve seen the damage that sound and that lack of consciousness of sound are having on people’s health, outcomes and relationships. I’m really passionate about getting this work out. So that’s what this is all about.”

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