Impact Acoustic Ceilings from Vogl

Impact Acoustic Ceilings from Vogl

Impact Acoustic Ceilings from Vogl

January 21 2015

Vogl Ceilings are offering a practical design solution for an acoustic impact resistant ceiling suitable for use in schools, colleges, sports halls and gyms etc. Vogl acoustic design panels are perforated ceiling panels with high acoustic performance and air purification properties (adsorption).  Our ceiling system has been tested in accordance with DIN 18032-3: 1997-04 “Gyms, Sports halls for schools and colleges and games and multipurpose use, testing of ball impact resistance” as well as EN 13964: 2007-02, Appendix D “Suspended ceilings: requirements and testing methods, impact resistance”.

Vogl acoustic design ceilings were tested in an accredited testing institute on the basis of the above standards. The testing consisted of the ceiling panels being repeatedly pelted with handballs at a given velocity at various angles of impact on the suspended ceiling.

The Vogl Ceiling panels withstood the stress tests without any damage or cracking. The Vogl Ceiling systems are certified as “ball-impact resistant” in compliance with DIN 18032-3 for the application area of “ceiling” as well as EN 13964 Appendix D as “Class 1A”.

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