Frequently Asked Questions – part 4

Frequently Asked Questions – part 4

Questions about Decor Systems products and services answered

Frequently Asked Questions – part 4

January 25 2016

13. Do Decor Systems Panels go on the ceilings or the walls?

Both. Some lining systems are more suited to walls than ceilings and vice versa.

14. What substrate is best for my project application?

This depends on your project requirements. Critical factors can encompass:

  • Degree of impact resistance required.
  • Interior or exterior installation.
  • Rust/Mould resistance required.
  • Type of finish required.
  • Installation methodology to be employed.
  • Wall or ceiling application.

We suggest you contact your dedicated Project Ambassador for advice; they will be delighted to work through the challenges with you.

15. What finish can I get with my budget?

Decor Systems decorative panels are available in the following finishes:

  • Raw
  • Painted
  • Veneer finish with DecorClear coatings
  • DecorThane polyurethane finishes to Decor timber panels.
  • DecorImage and Smartlook laminate finishes.

These are the most popular finishes; others are available – just ask.

Pricing on these finishes varies. Factors to take into consideration will include budget, impact resistance, location etc. speak to your Decor Systems Project Ambassador to analyse which finish will suit your budget.

You can access the whole list of our FAQs here. We also would love to know if you need any other questions answered. Call us 1800 835 035 or email us on

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