Frequently Asked Questions – part 3

Frequently Asked Questions – part 3

Questions about Decor Systems products and services answered

Frequently Asked Questions – part 3

January 20 2016

9. Does Decor Systems offer CPD presentations?

We do. Please contact your Decor Systems Consultant to facilitate this for you.

We will be delighted to demonstrate how we can enhance your learning as well as practical assistance in moving forward on your design challenges.

10. What is NRC?

In the simplest possible terms, a NRC (or Noise Reduction Coefficient) is the number that represents the effectiveness of a material at absorbing sound. The NRC is a single-number determined in a lab test and used for rating how absorptive a particular material is. This industry standard ranges from 0 to 1. It is simply the average of the mid-frequency sound absorption coefficients (250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Herts).

Based on the testing methodology, and depending upon the material’s shape or surface area, some products can test at an NRC above 1.

11. How do I ascertain the different acoustic value between various products?

We have a comprehensive folio of accredited acoustic panel tests that cover the whole spectrum of our range of decorative panel systems. Please contact us for a copy, or better still, simply call one of our amazing Project Ambassadors who will be delighted to assist you with this in view of making sure you obtain the optimum outcome for your design schematics.

12. As a designer, should I specify Decor panels in the Joinery or Drywall package?

Decor Systems are designed for ease of installation. Panel systems are modular, supplied with all fixings, and are compatible with all standard Furring Channel/Stud and Track systems.

Using standard framing systems means it is normally recommended you include Decor Systems panels in the Drywall package.

We will post more frequently asked questions next week. Watch this space!!!

Or you can access the whole list of our FAQs here. We also would love to know if you need any other questions answered. Call us 1800 835 035 or email us on

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