Frequently Asked Questions – part 1

Frequently Asked Questions – part 1

Questions about Decor Systems products and services answered

Frequently Asked Questions – part 1

January 7 2016

At Decor Systems, we believe in being transparent. We believe in providing our customers with as much information as they need to make it easy for the customers to make informed purchase decisions.

Recently we had compiled a list of questions frequently asked that require answers. Here is the first part of the list of FAQs specifically related to our ordering information.

1. What are the lead times on Decor Systems panels?

Lead times can vary depending on a variety of factors including:

Your choice of substrate. Some materials are instantly available, while others have a lead time of 1-2 weeks.
The type of finish you select has an impact on lead times. Panels we supply pre-painted will take a little longer than panels delivered without a finish. Similarly, laminate/foil finishes eliminate the painting process.

We recommend you speak to your Decor Systems Consultant to establish parameters around lead times to ensure timely delivery to your project.

2. Can I order custom size panels?


Standard size panels are great, however, we are more than happy to work with you to customise your panels to ensure an optimum outcome for your project. Every project we work on is custom made – no job is the same!

3. Do you have fixing systems?

We do. We suggest you speak to your Decor Systems Consultant to come up with the best method and system of installation for your project. They will consider the location, site dynamics and application to come up with the best outcome bespoke to your project.

4. How should Decor Systems panels be transported and stored?

Generally speaking, our acoustic panels and planks must be protected from direct contact with moisture and humid air and be stored in absolutely dry conditions. The products must be stored lying flat on dry wooden planks or pallets. The products must be completely protected from humidity with plastic wrap.

Please pay special attention to moisture in the floor in new buildings.

In the next few weeks, we will post other frequently asked questions. Watch this space!!!

Or you can access the whole list of our FAQs here. We also would love to know if you need any other questions answered. Call us 1800 835 035 or email us on

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