The Evolution of the Decor Product Line

The Evolution of the Decor Product Line

The Evolution of the Decor Product Line

June 8 2017

Much like the origins of the company, the Decor Systems product line also had very humble beginnings. The original product for many years was the basis of the company, the DecorVent ventilated fibre sheets, at the time the business was known as DecorVent Industries. Slots were punched into the fibre cement sheets mechanically which provided ventilation into roof spaces.

In the mid-1990s, the product line began to grow with the introduction of slotted plywood panels. The panels were originally sourced externally and then resold to the market. The potential of this product opened the eyes of Managing Director David Faulkes to the hole in the market for interior panel systems.

These perforated acoustic panels led to jobs that provided the foundation to expand the business and the product range even further.

For the last 15 years, creativity and innovation have been embraced by the Decor Systems design team. Stretching the limits of interior design, working closely with architects and interior designers to create products that can bring the wildest design concepts to life. Some of these concepts include the DecorZen, DecorMilano, DecorStyle, and DecorLux.

At the same time, functionality and sustainability are at the heart of what we produce. We offer guaranteed acoustic test results from Australian governing bodies and full green certification so our projects are always underpinned by industry-best practice.

Our line of products has gradually evolved over the years and has changed substantially since the DecorVent days, now positioned as a pioneer in the interior construction industry.

You can request a sample of any of our products from our The Sample Room, or contact us here.