Our culture is made up of both what we believe and how we act towards our work, to each other, and to our customers. We care a great deal about our culture, and we are committed to making sure the people who work here embody it in all they do.

Working at Decor Systems

It’s what we do together
that sets us apart.

We want to make working at Decor Systems the best job you will ever have. That might sound ambitious but that’s the goal.

Our core values of Commitment, Ownership, Reliability and Consistency, Excellence, Communication, Teamwork, Balance and Systems are central to how we work and uphold the culture here at Decor Systems. This is an environment that allows individuals to flourish whilst maintaining a strong team ethos.

You must enjoy working at Decor Systems. Otherwise, Decor Systems is not for you.


What to expect

Your Career

Our work has an impact on peoples’ lives and we offer career opportunities that will excite and challenge you more than you ever imagined. We want you to grow your career in a way that suits you, so you can make the best of your skills and thrive from day one.

Our Clients

We’re very proud to enjoy some of the highest client satisfaction rates in our sector and consequently retain our clients far longer than the industry average.

Your Development

Ours is a culture rich in continuous learning and opportunity. Whether it is professional qualifications, new legislation, new technology, new client accounts or a new role we firmly believe in helping support our employees to develop their skills and knowledge.


We work hard but we want you to enjoy being here and to thrive outside of work too.  We have fun together, while focusing on appreciation, recognition, wellness and philanthropy.

Your Wellbeing

We believe it is vital to balance the needs of the business with the needs of everyone who works here. Wellbeing at here covers physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing, and includes flexible working and family-friendly policies.


We’re always looking for new creative ideas to make our clients’ lives easier. We strive to provide a stimulating environment in which your work will be enjoyable, challenging and often ground-breaking


We invest in the latest technologies to match our ground-breaking business solutions. We use the most up-to-date technology and software to help staff and clients do the best work they can.


Our focus is on high quality, high value work that makes a difference for our clients. This leads to engaging, fulfilling work for all of us.

Mitchell Dower

Since day one Decor Systems has made a feel a welcomed and valued contributor to the team. Everyone is willing to listen to their colleague’s point of view, respecting their ideas and opinions.

With such a great range of projects and capabilities, each day is different and has a renewed challenge; as a team we look forward to facing each project with fresh energy and dynamism!

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Kieran Bianco

On a daily basis, we’re often required to bounce ideas off each other. It’s great because we all have our own individual and specialised skills, but in collaborating we’re also learning from each other and learning how one another thinks and approaches a project from their own perspective.

Every day is a different day and every project has its own unique approach. Working at Decor Systems on specialised projects often has some challenging aspects, but with this comes great rewards. The beauty of seeing our finished products on a project is knowing that as a team, we have discussed (and argued), yet have managed to agree collectively on how to overcome any potential concerns.

Although we work as a team, it’s closer to describe it as a family. All our colleagues are very understanding and compassionate when it comes to our personal lives, which is often ignored in many companies. This alone makes it worth turning up!

Trish Nicholls

A sense of pride and togetherness exists within the Decor Systems team and for me, personally, loyalty.

I am proud to represent a company that is well known and held in high esteem by architects, builders and subcontractors.

For almost two decades I have watched, contributed and have loved every minute of being part of the company’s growth and feel gratified that I have been on board for that journey.

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Geoff Turnbull

Decor Systems has seen significant growth since I commenced employment here. One of the things I enjoy most about working at Decor Systems is that every employee plays a critical role in the company’s success.

The culture of the company is very close knit and team focused, with a very non-hierarchical management structure. Honesty and transparency are key values we all uphold as we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

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Jessica Lebbos

It is rewarding to be part of a driven and passionate, fun filled team, who take pride in all aspects work.

In my time working at Decor Systems, the business has grown significantly – however this hasn’t changed the feel and flow of the non-hierarchical structure, and instead we are all strong leaders pulling in the same direction to attain the businesses objectives and customer satisfaction.

I am delighted to be part of the team here at Decor Systems.


Jordan Biggs

A 99-year product guarantee is unheard of in the manufacturing industry. But not for Decor Systems. As an employee and even more so for a customer, this commitment shows how serious we are about quality.

Quality is contagious, and every person plays their part in ensuring everything we deliver to our customer lives up to our promise. We treat each job with the highest care and precision to ensure a delighted customer every time.

Our people think and act differently and deport themselves with a cheerfulness and sense of spirit that is rarely found in business.

We’re anything but typical in our industry, but we wouldn’t change that for anything!

We are all committed to cultivating a workplace that focuses on fun, dynamism and passion. It is these unwritten values that attracts the best people to Decor Systems and is the secret to staff retention rates that are well in excess of industry standards.

We are all engaged, more productive and subliminally wired so that we remain consistent and committed to your project right through to its completion. In a few words, we are Happy, Healthy and Productive.

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