Decor Systems takes off!!!

Decor Systems takes off!!!

DecorLini Acoustic Linings by Decor Systems as decorative wall linings at departures area of Brisbane airport

Decor Systems takes off!!!

December 8 2015

The airport terminal is such important public space, its design needs to be expressive and interesting, yet it also has to create a positive ambience for passengers who spend hours waiting for the next part of their journey. So materials used throughout airport terminals need to look beautiful, yet functional and fit for purpose.

Decor Systems are very proud to be involved in a number of recent airport renovation projects. Our products are chosen to be featured in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth airports because of their stunning visual, their acoustic performance and the quality of craftmanship that went into the products. Decor Systems products do not just look good, they are also functional.

Here are the quick summary of the three airport projects where our products were specified and installed.

1. Perth T1 Terminal DecorArti acoustic wall

There is nothing more original than having an acoustic wall created from your own unique design. And that is exactly what has been recently installed at Perth Airport T1 Terminal, made from Decor Systems DecorArti Panels. The bespoke sculptures and perforated wall called “From the skies” were designed by Penelope Forlano at Forlano Design, with artwork text by Doolann Leisha Eatts, a Whukjuk/Piblenman/Nyungah woman elder.

Project information:

“From the skies”
Wall design: Penelope Forlano
Artwork text: Doolann Leisha Eatts

Perforated wall: DecorArti by Decor Systems
Photograph: Robert Frith of Acom Photography, courtesy of Perth Airport Pty. Ltd.

DecorArti acoustic wall panels by Decor Systems grace Perth T1 Airport Terminal
DecorArti acoustic wall panels at Perth T1 airport

2. Sydney T1 Airport DecorSlat acoustic ceiling

The T1 improvement programme will deliver a world-class experience for passengers, visitors and staff. The phase 1 of the project, Pier B of the Departure Terminal was recently finished and opened. Cox Architecture specified acoustic DecorSlat panels by Decor Systems to be used on the building ceiling for a number of reasons, including the product’s smart contemporary linear look, its perfect white painted finish and its acoustic properties which are a prerequisite for a space with high public traffic such as Sydney airport.

Project information:

Architect: Cox Architecture
nstallers: EDT Projects
Acoustic ceiling: DecorSlat by Decor Systems

Acoustic DecorSlat panels decorates the lining of Sydney airport ceilingDecorSlat acoustic ceiling panels by Decor Systems at Sydney T1 Airport

3. Brisbane Virgin Departure Lounge DecorLini acoustic walls

Brisbane Airport has been undergoing transformational regeneration in recent years. The new Virgin Australia Departure Plaza features a marvellous selection of new innovations which heretofore have never been seen in such an area. DecorLini Acoustic Linings are featured as decorative wall linings at key points throughout the departures area.

Product: DecorLini acoustic panels

Linear acoustic planks DecorLini by Decor Systems installed throughout Brisbane's Virgin terminal
DecorLini acoustic wall panels by Decor Systems at Virgin Departure Lounge

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