Decor Systems story – it has not ended yet!

Decor Systems story – it has not ended yet!

Decor Systems acoustic decorative interior lining continues to grow

Decor Systems story – it has not ended yet!

November 11 2015

At Decor we value family in all contemporary practices. From kinsfolks to networks to colleagues; our affiliations and connections are the very essence of our brand.

Decor Systems Australia has its heritage going back to the 1960’s. Today, direct descendants of the founder still play an energetic part in the shaping and direction of our legacy. Decor Systems is not just a business, it’s a community, and everyone involved with Decor is considered part of our ever expanding family.

Our methodology is proactive and energetic. We take pride in developing different and stimulating products for our clients, but we also appreciate and espouse time-honoured traditions. Three generations on, we still set high standards for ourselves, making sure we conquer them every time to produce quality systems that will stand the test of time.

It’s all part of what we like to call ‘The finishing touch’!

Decor Systems continues to write their story and supply acoustic decorative wall panels

Robert Faulkes (right), founder of Decor Systems Australia pictured in his younger days with the CEO and Director of Roof and Building Services.

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