Decor Systems project in leading magazine

Decor Systems project in leading magazine

Decor Systems project in leading magazine

May 2 2016

We are thrilled to see a photo of our project featured in Autumn 2016 edition of the leading magazine AWISA.

AWISA is the magazine published by the Australian Woodworking Industry Supplier Association. The picture used in the story featured a DecorStyle timber veneered wall made by Decor Systems, at the Kununurra Court House. According to the magazine, the wall interior was “a great example of quality veneer work”.

AWISA’s magazine is published quarterly and is distributed within the woodworking industry to members in cabinet, joinery, furniture, timber and panel businesses.  The magazine editorial policy is to produce quality editorial about business and technical issues that affect the woodworking industry.

We feel really privileged to have our project picture featured in the magazine. Click here to see the magazine

The Kununurra Court House is a remarkable project for Decor Systems because of its significance to the people of Kununurra, and because it was built with real craft in one the most remote small towns in Australia. Decor Systems was proud to be a part of this important project. Click here to read more about this project.

DecorStyle by Decor Systems at Kununurra Court House is featured in magazines

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