Decor Systems joins BinTrim Waste Reduction Programme

Decor Systems joins BinTrim Waste Reduction Programme

Action to support ongoing commitment to our planet by Decor Systems

Decor Systems joins BinTrim Waste Reduction Programme

February 9 2016

As part of Decor Systems Australia ongoing commitment to our planet, we are delighted to announce we have subscribed to the BinTrim programme.

The BinTrim initative is a NSW government assessment that analyses all of our waste and recycling processes and will formulate a strategy that will increase our capacity to recycle our waste, with the added benefits of reducing emissions, fossil fuel usage and simultaneously lowering costs.

Incorporated into Decor’s BinTrim mission are:

  • Choose products with less packaging and purchase raw materials in bulk to minimise packaging.
  • Plan ahead and avoid waste by matching raw material quantities to batch sizes.
  • Educate and involve all staff in waste minimisation projects with rewards for new and creative approaches.
  • Regularly review causes of ‘off-spec’ product and adjust systems and processes to minimise these occurrences.
  • Establish ‘take back’ loops with suppliers such as packaging waste, product, which is faulty, or at the end of its useful life.
  • Minimise product residue in packaging by removing more raw materials.
  • Evaluate product design and manufacturing processes to find ways to avoid producing prescribed industrial waste.
  • Investigate whether your waste could be used as a resource elsewhere and find opportunities for reuse.
  • Share recycling resources with other businesses in your community to reduce cost.

Reducing waste is good for business – it reduces costs, saves time, builds staff morale and demonstrates our company’s commitment to the long-tern sustainability of the planet. Generating less waste also saves valuable water, energy and raw materials.

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