Decor Decoded – A Guide To The Decor Systems Range

Decor Decoded – A Guide To The Decor Systems Range

Close up of DecorTrend acoustic panels

Decor Decoded – A Guide To The Decor Systems Range

January 18 2021

Our trusted core range of acoustic products are ready for manufacture right now in our Australian factory. From perforated plasterboard through to beautiful timber panelling as well as customisation options on our entire range, there is a solution for any project need.

But we’re aware that with such an extensive range, it can be hard to know where to start. So, we’ve put together a quick guide that we hope will help you as you specify acoustic and decorative materials on your projects.

You can find NRC, Fire and Environmental ratings on each of our product pages or under Specification Resources. And of course, we’re always just a phone call away if you’d like to chat through your project needs.

Here’s to another year of creating spaces that look good and feel good to be in.

Perforated and Slotted Acoustic Panels


DecorZen panels have a consistent pattern of perforation that offers up to 88% absorption of incidental noise. Available with hole sizes ranging from 4.5mm to 12mm diameter in a selection of patterns, the DecorZen range offers a classic and sophisticated finish.

DecorZen Micro

Similar to DecorZen, DecorZen Micro panels consist of micro-perforation throughout, however, the perforations begin at just 0.50mm. With such small perforations, the panels appear solid whilst still offering exceptional acoustic performance.


DecorTrend panels have long linear perforations that are suited to a range of applications and design styles. The slotted timber panels can be finished in a number of ways be it in a classic timber or a modern metallic or polyurethane finish. The options are vast.

Acoustic Slats


The DecorSlat range of slatted acoustic panels offers the three-dimensional effect of timber panels. The finished look can be enhanced by separating and dispersing the panels and the range is available on a number of substrates and in a number of finishes.

DecorSlat Aluminium

As with DecorSlat, DecorSlat Aluminium offers the same modern, linear slat finish but in a non-combustible clip-on system. This means the product is suitable for even the most stringent safety guidelines as well as for external use such as building facades.

DecorSlat Max

The DecorSlat Max range offers large, lightweight slats that can be installed in a number of patterns or in a linear fashion. In contrast to the DecorSlat range, DecorSlat Max is supplied as beams with quick easy fixing cleats for easy installation.

Linear Acoustic Panels


DecorLini is a lineal acoustic plank product with a seamless tongue and groove installation and no visible fixings. This means that DecorLini can be blended invisibly with non-acoustic linear panels, such as DecorMilano, to reduce costs when acoustic ratings are not required.


DecorMilano is a decorative linear panelling system for spaces where acoustic ratings are not required or to complement acoustic materials such as DecorLini without spending unnecessarily.


DecorEagle is a continuous grooved acoustic panel product. Manufactured from black MDF motherboard, the veneered panels look stylish and modern with a continuous grooved design. Veneer and laminate options are endless meaning the panels can be used alongside any style of architecture or material palette.


DecorTone acoustic diffuser planks are machined from solid timber revealing the imperfections of the raw material. This natural colour and tonal variation offer an incredibly authentic and high-quality finish as well as possessing remarkable acoustic performance.

Ceiling Tiles and Solid Acoustic Panels


Cewood is world-leading in the eco-friendly, high-performance and cost-effective acoustical-panel products category. The eco-friendly cementitious wood-fibre panels perform well by absorbing sound while thermally insulating.


The DecorTile range is a contemporary ceiling option to enhance the look of your project as well as assisting with noise reduction. Each DecorTile panel has a single machined timber composite core with a selected pre-finished face and an acoustically treated back.


DecorStyle is a range of solid, smooth panels that create bold, seamless surface areas with excellent noise reduction qualities. The panels have the unique ability to make spaces seem larger and more open than it is, or alternatively transform a large foreboding space and make it more inviting and comfortable.

Perforated Plasterboard


Vogl is a revolutionary system of perforated plasterboard. The seamless ceiling linings offer a consistent perforation pattern for maximum sound absorption and with a Group 1 Fire Rating, Vogl is an ideal solution for almost any space. 

Fibre Cement Acoustic Panles


DecorLux is our range of perforated fibre cement acoustic panelling. With a fully non-combustible fire rating and excellent acoustic performance, DecorLux is ideal when compliance is an essential component.


DecorSlot fibre cement panels are coded and cut specifically for your project making installation incredibly easy. The versatile fibre cement substrate, it will not burn, rot, or warp, making it ideal for high humidity or corrosive environments.

When a custom solution is required


DecorArti is the ideal solution for those wanting a highly bespoke finish. Be it patterns, evolving forms, logos or brand marks, DecorArti timber panels can be produced in various shapes or with any patterned design.

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