Complimentary shop drawings – all part of the service at Decor Systems

Complimentary shop drawings – all part of the service at Decor Systems

Complimentary shop drawings – all part of the service at Decor Systems

May 16 2016

At Decor Systems we believe that having correct shop drawings is vital to the success of your project. Having clear and detailed shop drawings means products will be made to yourexact requirements of the clients and easier to install on site and will reduce wastage and save time for all parties.

Shop drawings are a key part of the construction process

Shop drawings are a shortened way of saying ‘workshop’ drawings – they are exactly that – drawings for the workshop or factory floor. Based on the information you provided, drawings are done. Products are then manufactured by our skilled operators based on these approved drawings.

To develop and prepare shop drawings, the technician must think about how the structure is to be put together in the field, uncover inadvertent errors and omissions or inconsistencies in the building drawings. The resolution of such issues at the pre-construction phase of a project benefits everyone because of the time and money saved and problems averted.

Without these drawings, things will go wrong! They supply a ‘double check’ ensuring that sizes of the panels are correct and that they will go together as they’re intended to. The quality and clarity of these drawings and  details play an equal role – they provide one more pair of eyes checking the finer project details that one might miss!

Shop drawings are done at Decor Systems using the latest version of CAD (Computer Aided Drafting). CAD or shop drawings play a pivotal role in our business. They show our clients what they will be getting and also gives us confidence that we’re developing the right product for the right application.

Shop drawings – all part of the service at Decor Systems

At Decor Systems, we consider shop drawings not as an add-ons, but as an integral part of our exceptional service. We provide a full set of shop drawings for your approval before any work starts.

At the beginning of each project, our experience CAD drawing technician reviews the plans & information supplied, liaise with our client and our sales team and begins building the drawings based on this information.

The drawings illustrate and confirm our understanding of the design intent. We only start making products once shop drawing is reviewed and confirmed by the clients.

At Decor Systems we turn design vision to reality

CAD 3D drawing of OFX Sydney officeOFX CAD Drawing

DecorSlat ceiling installed at OFX Sydney officeOFX DecorSlat ceiling


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