Bespoke Panels – Definitely Random!

Bespoke Panels – Definitely Random!

Creating unique perforated pattern for wall lining by Decor Systems

Bespoke Panels – Definitely Random!

February 15 2016

Manufacturing totally customised panels is what our team loves to do!

Our Production Team enjoy being challenged in bringing to life your design concepts that may seem outlandish.

We will work collaboratively with you – we will tell you what can and cannot be done, advise on the cost effectiveness and practicalities along with acting as a sounding board.

This photograph is just but one illustration of what we can do – the random perforation pattern was carefully bringing together the design concept that the Interior Designer has in mind.

We look forward to bringing you images for the completed project in due course!

bespoke pattern of perforated wall panel by Decor SystemsCustomised panels with bespoke perforated pattern

Unique design of perforated wall panels by Decor Systems

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