Alusion: Let’s Start a Revolution

Alusion: Let’s Start a Revolution

Alusion: Let’s Start a Revolution

August 20 2014

Alusion Metallic Panels represent future technology, the sleek aluminum look, the product of tomorrow. A product that uses the most fundamental element aluminum and injects it with air, creating what I can only describe as the Milkshake affect, creating a bubbly vacant area. This light weight product (80% lighter than solid aluminum) has been described as one of the most remarkable creations of the new century.

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Already a feature in churches, schools and public buildings around the world, Alusion is the choice of revolutionary designs. Frank Gehry, celebrity architect, has worked Alusion into his design, using it as a feature for his new building in Arles, France.

The USA has jumped on the Alusion bandwagon, using this product in there September 11 Memorial Museum in New York City. Architecture Firm, David Brody Bond Aedas, choose this product for the World Trade Centre Memorial, as it provides an “ethereal surface” and will be lit up to enhance the distinctive form.

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Alusion: Request a sample today…

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