Old advertising signages put back to use

Old advertising signages put back to use

Old advertising signages put back to use

September 8 2016

The old iconic Coca-Cola billboard in Kings Cross, Sydney is currently taken apart and auctioned on e-bay. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Wayside Chapel* to help the disadvantaged in the local community.

The billboard, which is owned by Coca-Cola company itself, was regarded more than just an advertisement signage and had become an iconic Sydney landmark that was often featured in films. We are eager to know who will be the proud owners of the old billboard and what they will do with those letters. Most likely they will be used as part of an interior decoration. So here we look at a few projects where advertising billboards and signages were used to add a touch of retro chic to interiors.

*Decor Systems was proud to play a part in the recent renovation of the Wayside Chapel. We made the custom-designed perforated metal panel over the glass-fronted building to hold a strikingly large crest image. Click here to read more about this project.

1. Staircase imprinted with product logos

staircase with the old signage

Source of image: Songbird

2. Vintage Coca Cola sign add a splash of colour to a room

Antique-Coca-Cola-sign-adds-color-and-personality-to-the-contemporary-spaceSource of image: Decoist

3. The recent renovation of Greg Natale Surry Hills office with the use of Campell soup advertisements add a cheeky stylish touch to the office.

Source of image: Greg Natale Design and Anson Smart.

Vogl ceiling in the new Greg Natale office

4. A vintage Boardwalk sign graced the landing of this staircase.


Source of image: Interior Novice

5. A rugged looking exposed wall that managed cool due to its vintage advertising print


Source of image: Minimalist

6. Old style typography on walls

handwriting typography

Source of image: Carlise Home Designs

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