Acoustic Solutions for Gymnasiums and Sports Halls

Acoustic Solutions for Gymnasiums and Sports Halls

Acoustic Solutions for Gymnasiums and Sports Halls

October 9 2019

Gymnasiums and Sports halls need special attention when they are being acoustically treated, meaning that the right combination of acoustic panels must be chosen.

This is for four reasons:

  • Sports halls usually have particularly poor acoustics due to their designs: high impact surfaces like concrete and brick are highly noise reflective and lead to prolonged reverberation times.
  • Sports halls are usually large cubes with no soft surfaces – making them harsh sound environments. Parallel surfaces, typically far away from each other, mean noise is efficiently propelled around the room for long times. It is not uncommon to find a sports hall with a reverberation time of more than 8 seconds.
  • The use of sports halls is not just limited to sports, particularly in schools. They are often used for exams, music recitals and assemblies. It is often wise to add excess absorption to the space to meet broad reverberation time brackets and decibel levels.
  • High impact ball sports threaten to damage any panels that aren’t robust enough to deal with heavy impact.

The following criteria are recommended:

  • For newly built sports halls reverberation time must not exceed 1.5 seconds (or 2.0 seconds if 280-530 m2).
  • For refurbished sports halls, reverberation time must not exceed 2.0 seconds, regardless of size.

Sports halls and gymnasiums require the best performing acoustic treatments in order to achieve these standards.

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