About Us – New Layout WB

About Us – New Layout WB

The Decor Story

Rich sensory design has been a Decor speciality for over 40 years. The decorative and acoustic panel masterpieces of Decor have helped shape the horizon of modern architecture and design, and form the backdrop of everyday Australian adventures.

How We Do It

  1. We work with you closely at design stage.

    We discuss fire codes, acoustic requirements, environmental requirements and more. We discuss trends, your budget, your vision, and more.

  2. We use the best materials.

    We only purchase quality substrates that totally conform with all the relevant standards. Yes, they may cost a little more, but we firmly believe that quality comes before price.

  3. We hire the best people.

    They are well trained. Efficient. Reliable. Love to go the extra mile.
    And above all else, they must absorb the culture we have here at Decor Systems. We just love to make “WOW”!

  4. Basically, we do things the SMART way

    And that means you get superb panels, at a fair price, and have a great time doing it! It’s the Decor Systems way.

Since the 1970 Decor Systems have been applying our considerable experience and expertise to creating spaces that sound as good as they look!

We’ve developed a superior range of wooden acoustic panels providing standard and customised solutions to clients around the world. Today, we enjoy a fruitful working relationship with our client base and relish the opportunity to make their creative vision a reality! Get in touch today to discuss your project!

One to One Project Consultation

  • Discuss your project
  • Establish your challenges
  • Acoustical and constructional advice
  • Value engineering options(if required)
  • Action plan and pricing
  • Specification

Project Development & Engineering

  • Supply of technical drawings
  • Discussion on construction
  • Draft of constructional detailing
  • Review and redraft (if required)
  • Sign-off of finished designs
  • Shop drawing & cutting lists

Manufacturing & Installation

  • Product manufacture and finishing
  • Safe secure shipping to site
  • Installation advice
  • Quality control
  • Trouble shooting
  • Documentation and project close

We look at innovation as a way to save our customers time and money. We look at innovation as a way to save our customers time and money.

Our engineers are focused on developing and testing new product solutions that reduce design time and increase jobsite efficiency.

About Us 25


Decor Systems is defined by the ingenious innovation and charm that its glamorous panel collections have become known for. After four decades of evolution and revolution, the values of Decor still ring true. A family-owned and operated business in its third generation, the passion for creating the world’s most original built environments runs in the family, and is stronger than ever.

About Us 26


A key element of the Decor experience has always been exceptional and memorable service. True to form, Decor
has introduced digital tools to serve the creative process of modern architects and designers. New advancements in acoustic management have been brought to life in world-first seamless acoustic panelling systems, and bold steps forward are being taken in design possibilities. You can see visions come to life when working with Decor.

About Us 26
About Us 27


As a fully certified FSC member, Decor Systems welcomes regular audits to ensure high standards are maintained. Decor products are very accessible and easy to specify. Careful management throughout the whole process of purchasing, warehousing, production, delivery, and after-sales service reinforces the ethos of a long-established company committed to serving both our customers and the environment we
share together.

About Us 28


At Decor, our everyday mission is to work collaboratively with our customers to make sure their vision for their built environment is fulfilled. We promise to listen, ensuring our solution meets the needs of the surroundings and its inhabitants, increasing their quality of life. From an unnoticed silence to an unmissable feature piece, we make it perfect.

About Us 28

We create atmospheres. We create tranquillity. We do this through the design and application of both acoustic panelling and feature panelling that is nothing short of stunning. Our mission is to serve the senses. Our systems are visually enticing, functional, and gentle on the ears. We are perpetually creating, developing, challenging and growing.


The Values that Decor System Upholds


We would rather lose an order than mislead a customer about a delivery. We will tell it how it is with our customers and our team.



Our team will work in an environment of support and encouragement as would be expected in a dose knit team. All team members are expected to support their colleagues for the over all good of the business.



Everything our people need to know to make decision will be provided



We recognise that with out reliable suppliers we could not successfully function. We will always treat our suppliers fairly and with integrity.


We will always keep our promises to our people, our customers and our suppliers.



Our businesses practices will continue to be governed with the preservation of our environment at the forefront of all that we do. We commit to our ongoing programme of certified sustainability accreditation, knowing that we are contributing in some small way to maintaining the viability of our ecosystem.


We will always use the highest quality materials consistent with our customer requirements. We will never condemn our competitor, but will continue to rely on our higher levels of service and quality to differentiate us. We will provide and live by our Guarantee of service.

Our People

This is the Decor Systems team, a tribe of vibrant, happy people who work tirelessly to bring your vision to reality.


We value innovation in all things, from product development to logistical processes, so if you like to lead your professional field, we’re interested in working with you.

Get in touch and share your story: letstalk@decorsystems.com.au


The Decor Systems guarantee has always been an unconditional one. We mean every word of it.


99 years! Whatever. Whenever. Always.


It’s a cast-iron pledge we’ve kept for many years now, to stand behind every product we make.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions

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