A note from our Managing Director…

A note from our Managing Director…

A note from our Managing Director…

February 12 2014

Welcome to the Decor Systems Website,

I thought to write a quick note to touch base now that 2014 is well under way.

As we look back on 2013, which was an unquestionably challenging year for most businesses, it seems that the New Year has brought with it a fresh bout of optimistic confidence, not only in the construction industry, but in most sectors.

Here at Decor Systems, our commitment to producing quality products, on time, to the highest standard and backed up with our 99 Year Legacy Guarantee goes on unabated. The whole Decor team is passionate about what we like to call ‘The Decor Standard’.

Put simply, it is the way we do things.

After 32 years at Decor Systems, I can look back at product innovations, business relationships with suppliers and clients alike that have stood the test of decades, and an ever changing market place that we have had to continually adapt and change with to ensure our ongoing longevity. Out new overview brochure may be of interest to you:  http://www.decorsystems.com.au/storage/resources/downloads/46/CorporateBrochure.pdf

We now have brand new state of the art machines that have substantially improved our productivity and competitiveness in the market.I would like to thank you for your support in the past and look forward to working together with you in 2014 o any projects we may be able to assist you with.

I say with absolute sincerity that none of this would have been attainable without the passion, loyalty and dedication of the fantastic people who work here with me at Decor. They truly embody the Decor values and culture that make out business a thriving – and enjoyable – place to work in.

I invite you to contact my team for technical support, unbiased advice, or just as a sounding board in the coming weeks and months. We would really appreciate the opportunity to quote you on any requirements you have for Acoustic Panel systems; we will do our utmost to secure your business.

We’ll keep in touch.

Kind regards,

David Faulkes

Managing Director

P.S. Click onto this link for our new DecorMetl brochure, highlighting our range of perforated metals:


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