8 projects with intriguing wavy wooden interior

8 projects with intriguing wavy wooden interior

Decor Systems look at projects with wooden wavy interior

8 projects with intriguing wavy wooden interior

April 20 2016

With the recent launch of our DecorSlat Ripple range of linear slats  with gentle curvy finish, we feel inspired to look around the world for projects that utilise glamorous wooden waves to create sophisticated and intriguing feature wall and ceiling. Here are our top 8 favourite projects.

1. T Boutique – Prague

The T Boutique located in Prague Street is an interior tea boutique that houses products of the Dilmah company.  The individual slats are made of Multiplex thickness and birch veneer. Distinctive elements from the original architecture were used. The center design is  the original skylight which geometrically follows the wooden slat structure.

Timber Slats - T-Boutique, PragueSource: Retail Design Blog

2. 6 Degrees Cafe – Indonesia

The name comes from the six degrees of separation theory that each one is 5 or 6 steps away from any other person. The most attractive part of the cafe is the ceiling made out of timber slats equally spaced apart, creating a cave-like feel to the space. The curved timber slats not only create a powerful visual impact, it also provides a warm welcome atmosphere to the space.   The owner of the cafe envisions the place to be a meeting place of friends over a cup of coffee.

6-Degrees-Cafe IndonesiaSource: Best of Interiors

3. The Aesop store, IFC Mall, Hong Kong

This Aesop store in Hong Kong features a striking design created by Boston-based architecture practice NADAAA. The interior features a curvilinear design and a ceiling covered with contoured wooden fins that filter the light and shape the geometry of the space. The way the light creates shadows and defines the ceiling is absolutely marvelous, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere, an quiet oasis within the busy downtown Hong Kong.  

Aesop-store-by-Nadaaa-Hong-KongSource: Home Edit Interior Design and Architecture

4. Ebay Office, Istanbul

The Ebay office in Istanbul was designed by OSO Architects to be an impressive and inviting place. The wooden pergola representing the entrance hall and invites people to walk through the reception.

The semi permeable pergola ensures the building of a visual relationship with the “social area” behind the entrance, whereas strengthening the building of an effective impression with this visual sophistication.

Ebay-office-by-OSO-Architects-IstanbulSource: OSO Architects

5. Meyer Potz store, Bochum, Germany

Meyer Potz stores are synonymous with luxury – whether in Hamm, Kleve, Hamburg, Sylt or – now – Bochum. That is where Michael Meyer Liza & Yves has reopened with a brand new store concept, designed and realized by the architectural and interior design office of Blocher Blocher Partners. In the historical Kortum-Karree square, the “Who’s Who” of international fashion brands now has a stage from which to strut its stuff in the Ruhr Valley and beyond. The wavy ceiling shapes the store and becomes a focal point, offering the space a graphical and glamorous look.

Michael-Meyer-Liza-Yves-Blocher-Partners-BochumSource: Retail Design Blog

6.  Banq Restaurant – Boston

This beautiful ingenious interior of the Banq Restaurant in Boston was designed by OfficedA with wave like wood paneling throughout its interior, a complement to a truly tasteful meal.

Timber Slats - banq-restaurant-in-bostonSource: Trend Hunter Art & Design

7. Pizza Art Restaurant, Kiev

The most impressive feature in this beautiful restaurant is the wavy wooden ceiling that only covered part of the interior. This asymmetry gives the space a particularly attractive look and was meant as a detail designed to enhance the overall welcoming ambiance and to give it a warm glow.

pizza-art-restaurant-wooden-ceilingSource: Home Edit Interior Design and Architecture

8. OFX Office, Sydney

Designed by Bates Smart, the slatted ceiling by Decor Systems with beautiful gentle curves that fit precisely with one another create the look of a map of roads leading directly to the reception desk of the new OFX office in Sydney, then flowing into the waiting and meeting areas, at the same time boasting the beautiful window view of the lively city of Sydney.

Oz FX meeting area


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