8 projects with decorative interiors inspired by nature

8 projects with decorative interiors inspired by nature

8 projects with decorative interiors inspired by nature

March 22 2016

With the recent trend of moving towards a more sustainable environment, it is important to focus on interior design elements that not only look great, but also minimise the impact on our ecosystem.

The number of projects incorporating natural materials, such as wood, leaves, branches and event trees into interiors is increasing. The use of such materials not only create unique stunning designs, but also promote a healthy well-being ambiance.

Here we are looking at 8 projects that successfully incorporate form and beauty of nature into their interior designs.

1. Parq Restaurant in San Diego

The 40,000 square feet space has been intricately designed by Davis Ink, utilizing visually stimulating LED lights, yucca trees and gem stones. At the unassuming entrance are two large, glass, roll-up garage doors, (above) leading to a custom-designed ‘biomorphic shaped vertical garden’ filling the space with various greenery. Organic and raw materials define the space, including evergreen yucca trees, reclaimed wood and plant life.

Decorative interiors-parq restaurant by davis ink

Source: Restaurant and Bar Design Magazine

2. Vivarium (Bangkok)

Vivarium is a restaurant in Bangkok built within a decommissioned warehouse. The concept and branding was formulated by HYPOTHESIS, which made use of materials around the site such as iron doors, steel pipes, dead branches and tree roots and the structures are painted red primer, which is essentially the branding of the restaurant.  Beautiful hanging plants were incorporated into the design as well. This lush terrarium like restaurant serves a combination of Thai and Japanese cuisine. Vivarium, which translates into “Will you marry me?” in Thai is a must-see space when you’re in Bangkok.

Decorative interiors inspired by nature - Decor systems

Source: BK – The insider guide to Bangkok

 3. Llove Hotel (Tokyo)

Llove Hotel in Tokyo is a love themed hotel initially created for Tokyo Designers Week in 2010.  It consists of 14 guestrooms and each room offers a different and unique design but each of them pointing towards one feeling – LOVE.

The below room was stripped completely and had become like a desolated ruin. Next, the wooden elements and furniture were buried in white pebbles. This makes the space change instantly as if snow falls in a city landscape; gaps in time and material link up naturally. The pebbles might be difficult to walk on at first, but maybe you will get used to them during your stay. It is like camping out in nature; you adapt yourself to the environment. The space does not adapt itself to you, but you adapt to it”.

Decorative interiors inspired by nature

Source: Yellow Trace

4. Sousa Design Nature-Designed Restaurant

Stephen Sousa designed covered the ceiling of this restaurant with branches, lined the wall with white birch and yellow pine trees, and then adorned the whole restaurant with candles with make a warm ambiance. The rough texture of the trees provides a nice contrast to the sleek leather banquette below. It created a feeling that one is dining, very comfortably, in the Zen silence of the forest.

Decorative interior lining inspired by nature

Source: HGTV Design and Decorate

5.  Bella Sky Hotel

Bella Sky Hotel is Copenhagen’s largest hotel located in the Ørestad area.  The magnificent architectural landmark is seen from various corners of Copenhagen. 3XN has designed a large portion of the interior. The lobby area featured a huge vertical garden around the bar area, instantly connected visitors with nature so rare sometimes in a cosmopolitan environment.

Decorative Interior-Bella Sky Hotel

Source: Marriott Bella Sky Hotel Copenhagen

6. LandHotel, Broda, Germany

Designed by Ralf Meier, wall lining made from skeletonised leaves by Organoid was used in LandHotel to promote the hotel principles of being natural and sustainable. The dry mineral autumn scent embedded in the wall, resembling vanilla and nutmeg, also brought a true scent of sweet nature to the hotel room.

The Skeletonised wall lining were created with a lot of patience and meticulous manual work, where first the areas between the veins and the stems are removed in a water bath. Then the sun-dried leaves are arranged and pressed individually piece by piece with defined overlap. The result was a highly decorative wall lining that was natural and also unique.

Skeletonised Wall lining by Decor Systems at LandHotel Broda, Germany

7. Hotel Icon, Hong Kong:

The lobby of Hotel Icon hosts Asia’s largest indoor vertical garden. French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc designed the feature, which measures 18 metres in height and covers 230 square metres.

Top hotel lobby around the world

Source: Blurredculture

8. Die Wasnerin G’sund & Natur Hotel, Australia

The use of various wall panels made from a variety of natural products, including Organoid panels, immediately create a warm feeling in this hotel located in the heart of an Austrian alps. Covered by snow, the hotel is a place of refuge and of recuperation, a place for individual healthy time-out.

Decorative interiors inspired by nature

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