8 Inspiring Designs Using Slatted Panels

8 Inspiring Designs Using Slatted Panels

Royal Opera House using DecorSlat ceiling

8 Inspiring Designs Using Slatted Panels

January 14 2021

We have an extensive range of acoustic walling and ceiling finishes here at Decor Systems and ever-increasing in popularity is our timber slatted panel range, DecorSlat.

Timber panels have a sleek, modern finish that, depending on the specification, can be used in addition with sound-absorbing backing to enhance the acoustics of a space, or on its own as a decorative walling solution.

Be it used on a small scale, such as the Hale School Administration block in Perth, WA or on the Royal Opera House in London, DecorSlat is incredibly versatile.

We’ve collated some of our favourite timber slat wall designs to inspire you for your next project.

  1. The Royal Opera House, London

Royal Opera House using DecorSlat ceiling

The Royal Opera House in London recently underwent a refurbishment and the results are nothing short of stunning. The DecorSlat American Black Walnut provides a grand entranceway with integrated lighting…oh so pleasing to the eye!

2. Rosewood Library

With expansive ceilings so too comes a need for great acoustic management. DecorStyle panels as well as DecorSlat were used to achieve this whilst maintaining an open and fresh look.

3. UTS

Curved timber slatted wall

The construction of this curved wall and the selection of warm timbers work together to create a feature wall that is nothing short of a masterpiece.

4. Linq Apartments

Designed to create an impact at the entrance to the building, DecorSlat has been used in a raked design. This unique finish also highlights the colour variation in the timber and brings the space to life.

5. St Lawrence Primary School

DecorSlat panels are used to clad this small storage room and conceal printers and other stationery items. As well as effectively managing sound, the panels make for a striking focal point in the centre of the room.

6. Hale School

DecorSlat was specified to manage sound in what will be a busy section of this school administration facility whilst also creating a stylish and impactful first impression as guests visit the premises.

7. St Rita’s College

Slatted walls

Bespoke DecorSlat panels were used on this project to create a unique and bold walling finish.

8. Bond University

An office with dark carpet, chairs and slatted acoustic panels

A sleek and modern fit-out was the brief for this space at Bond University in Queensland and DecorSlat has achieved this. Blending in with a natural material palette and clean lines, the slatted timber panels tie it all together.